Well here's a topic that I haven't ventured into and that's public nudity. There are many things you can do on your own property in Massachusetts including grilling, mowing the lawn, playing with your kids, you know, the regular everyday things. You can even take a shower. Wait. What? Let me explain.

I Used to Take Outside Showers at my northern Berkshire County Home When I Was a Kid

I have never attempted to walk around without clothes on in my yard but there was something that my dad and I used to do when I was a kid which was a bit strange, yet fun. When I lived in northern Berkshire County, we had a pear tree in my backyard, on days when it was really hot out, or after we completed our lawn mowing duties, we would hang our garden hose in the pear tree and take an outside shower.

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Please Tell Me You Had Trunks On

Yes, we wore bathing suits, (well, actually swim shorts) when we took a shower under the pear tree. I know this sounds strange as you're probably asking as you read this, "why wouldn't you just go in the house and take a shower?" The best answer I can give you is it was fun doing it outside in the summer weather. Plus, it wasn't hurting anyone. I'm sure if any of the neighbors saw us, they more than likely raised their eyebrows at the view from their houses. What can I say? It was different and a bit thrilling.

Speaking of Thrills, What If I Want to Walk Around Naked in My Yard in Massachusetts? Can I Do That? 

If you are one that is thrilled by the idea of walking around naked in your backyard, you'll want to keep in mind that unless you have a fence or some type of barrier where the public can't see you, you could get arrested, face up to six months in jail and/or be slapped with a $200.00 fine. If you want to take an outside shower, make sure you're wearing a bathing suit/swim shorts like my dad and I used to do. Hey, whatever thrills ya.

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