Massachusetts definitely has its share of amazing restaurants and eateries throughout the state. Some are even known as the best throughout the New England region. But as there is in every state, there's always one that has achieved a certain iconic status. It's a restaurant that you absolutely cannot pass up the opportunity to dine at given the chance and it happens to be the oldest restaurant in the Bay State. And now it's also being called the one "cant-miss" spot is for all of Massachusetts.

The popular lifestyle publication '24/7 Tempo' sought out to find the one can't-miss restaurant in every state. The wide range of restaurants were researched using reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor, Eater, The Daily Meal, and several more. For the can't-miss spot in Massachusetts, you can definitely see how such an iconic establishment as well as the oldest restaurant in the state, would be considered for this label.

What is the One Can't-Miss Restaurant in Massachusetts?

It may not be much of a surprise that this particular spot is out east in Boston. And given the history of this joint, it's definitely worthy of such a title. The one can't miss restaurant, as well as oldest restaurant, in the Bay State is Union Oyster House in Boston.

Here's what '24/7 Tempo' had to say about Union Oyster House being the one can't miss restaurant in Massachusetts:

A National Historic Landmark, opened in 1826, this seafood-centric establishment is possibly the oldest restaurant in America. Oysters, clams, scallops, Boston scrod, and lobster broiled or boiled are among the basics served in the tavern-style dining room.

As mentioned, the fact that it opened in 1826 makes it one of the absolute oldest restaurants in America. Here is what '24/7 Tempo' had to say about the joint being the oldest restaurant in the Bay State:

Opened on the site of a former dry goods store, this is considered to be the oldest continuously operating restaurant in America — though it was originally just a stand-up oyster bar known as Atwood’s Oyster House, and didn’t even have a proper kitchen until 1916. It has welcomed an impressive list of celebrities over the years, from Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy to Robin Williams and Larry Bird.

And how about some of their dishes?...

If you're out in Boston, you know where you need to head to. After all, they are the one can't-miss restaurant, and the oldest restaurant, in Massachusetts. You can check out their menu at the link provided here.

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