In this day in age, I feel like every home in Massachusetts, like the rest of the country, has a smart device of some kind. While they're not without controversy and criticism, most of us have embraced this smart technology in some way or another.

One of the most popular smart devices is the Amazon Alexa smart speaker. Even though we know at this point that it's listening to everything we're saying, last year over 157 million homes in the U.S. used one, according to Geek Wire. 

I have an Amazon Alexa in my house and I think it's fair to say I really don't use it for many things, but I do use it multiple times a day if that makes sense. I only use it for one thing, but many times throughout the day. What do I ask Alexa? What is the temperature outside is. I ask first thing in the morning before I go to work, I ask before I walk the dog and I ask before I leave the gym in the evening.

It's funny to me with the number of things that Alexa is able to do why I use her for the simplest task, especially when it's the info I could get by opening my computer or turning on my tv or just looking at my phone. The truth is I'm usually, ok, always, rushing to get out the door and the last thing I want to do is stop and turn on or search through something. So it's easier to just ask. I'm also slightly ashamed to tell you that I have on more than one occasion asked Alexa what time it is, WHILE wearing an Apple Watch. I might be the ultimate lazy person.

So what does the average person use their smart speaker for? According to CNBC the breakdown of what people ask Alexa is as follows:

1. Play music or the radio.

2. Play news and/or weather

3. "How to Boil an Egg" and other cooking-related info

4. Ask for Travel Updates

5. Playing audiobooks or podcasts

6. Making purchases

What do you ask your Alexa to do?


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