Remember the days of learning to drive a car? I remember it like it was yesterday. At the time I lived in northern Berkshire County. My mom would take me to the parking lot of the local library in Clarksburg and I would start learning to drive there. When I felt a little more comfortable, I took the car out into traffic, primarily in my neighborhood around Cady Street, Houghton Street, Veazie Street, and North Street in North Adams. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. Well, almost everything. I did drive up on a curb at one point on North Street but that was nothing compared to my friend who knocked the door off of his parent's van when he was learning to drive in one of the local North Adams cemeteries.

Of course, with practice, coupled with driver's education and a handful of lessons, I improved and was finally able to get my license. The only thing I was nervous about heading into the road test is that I wasn't completely confident backing into a space between two vehicles. Parallel parking was fine for me believe it or not. Needless to say, I passed my test and everything went well from there.

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Some Changes are Coming for Massachusetts Road Test Applicants

Speaking of road tests. According to, beginning on May 2nd the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will require road test applicants who are going for their driver's license, to supply their own vehicle for the test. During the pandemic, applicants didn't have to do this as the Massachusetts RMV supplied vehicles that were safe, clean, and sanitized over and over again. That will end by the end of April. There will be other requirements that the road test applicant must follow including supplying a sponsor and making sure the vehicle meets all functional and safety requirements. You can view a list of the requirements and get complete details on this upcoming change by going here. Good luck with your road test.

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