Massachusetts is known as one of the top states for raising a family. The Bay State's high-quality education offerings, superb job market, and tech industry all make Massachusetts a top choice to live and raise a family for many. Whether you are looking to live in bigger cities like Springfield or Worcester or smaller ones like Pittsfield or Westfield, Massachusetts has something for everyone.

It's Not All Roses in Massachusetts

Massachusetts like any state does come with flaws. You have dangerous areas like Holyoke and expensive places like Nantucket and Chilmark so you want to do your homework before moving to the Bay State. You probably also want to make sure you are around friendly people who welcome you to their town or city. There's one Massachusetts city in particular that has an abundance of rude people.

Massachusetts is Home to the 5th Rudest City in America

According to an article published by Real Simple, a survey by Insider and SurveyMonkey asked nearly 2,100 Americans to rank what they believed were the five rudest U.S. cities from a list of the nation's 50 largest cities. The results probably won't surprise you too much. The fifth rudest city in the United States is located in Massachusetts and the city is Boston. Here's what was said about Boston according to the article.

Percentage: 14.9% of respondents thought Boston had the rudest inhabitants.

In a Boston Herald column by Grace Curley, she wrote that many locals are perpetrators of the "chat and cut." This is when someone pretends to be familiar with someone else who is already in line for the singular purpose of cutting into that line. The cutting has been shifted to the next level as some locals are now cutting in groups. Read more by going here.

Let's not forget that we are dubbed "Massholes" for a reason. Some Massachusetts folks aren't always the most courteous when it comes to sharing the roadway with other drivers. Those folks tend to cut people off, flip other drivers the bird, and fail to consistently use directionals. In a way, I'm surprised a Massachusetts city didn't land on the list for that reason alone. Wouldn't you agree?

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