The loss of an animal is always hard. Most of us have been there. Well, the Massachusetts State Police are feeling that loss today after the sad passing of retired K9 Rocky which they announced on Thursday.

This announcement was posted on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page Thursday...

With much sadness, we announce the passing of Massachusetts State Police K9 Rocky, who served the Department until his retirement in October. Rocky was a loyal partner to Trooper Jason Vital and helped protect the citizens of our state for 10 years. He was a hard worker and a faithful companion to his handler, and also to the Vital family. He is dearly missed by his family at home and the MSP family with whom he served. Free time now, Rocky, and endless fields of green for running and playing, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. You more than earned it.
Massachusetts State Police Facebook
Massachusetts State Police Facebook

(Above: K9 "Rocky" playing with a ball)

Remembered with hashtags...

These hashtags were added at the end of the post:
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Here is the post as it appeared on Facebook yesterday:

 Rocky will indeed be missed...

Massachusetts State Police Facebook
Massachusetts State Police Facebook
 (Above: K9 "Rocky" out patrolling in the State Police speedboat)
According to several news sources, Rocky was probably best known for saving an 11-year-old boy in 2016.
The Facebook post, which you can visit above, was filled with messages of thankfulness, condolences, and love. Godspeed Rocky. It sounds like you had a great life and served with honor. You were obviously loved by many.

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