Do you wanna be a Massachusetts State TROOP-AH? You've seen The Departed, right? Doesn't that seem fun?

In all seriousness, MSP is seeking candidates to become Troopers. Now, let's not confuse this test with the civil service exam which is for a municipal position be it police or fire.

The actual written exam is scheduled for June 12, 2021, however, the application deadline is April 20, 2021.

Log on to or scan the QR code on the image below.

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So you must be at least 21 and not more than 34 years of age to sign up.

Let's say you are 34 and want to become a trooper...don't get bummed out!

Want a quick anecdote?

After I joined the Lanesborough Volunteer Fire Department in 2017, it got the wheels turning in my buddy Mike's head.

Mike was very unhappy at his then-current job, although he was making good money. Mike always wanted to be a firefighter, but he was 38 and felt ineligible even though he wasn't. (fire has a different age cutoff).

Mike signed up for the civil service test, studied his butt off, scored a 100!, and was hired by the Beverly Fire Department last year.

Mike worked his first fire over the weekend.


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