The official start to summer is just a few days away and Massachusetts is ready for it!

Massachusetts residents are usually counting down the days until the warm weather hits so we can enjoy our favorite summer activities. From pool parties and beach days to BBQs and water balloon fights, we're always eager to get outside and enjoy it.

Besides all the summer fun, the summer season also brings more work for Massachusetts homeowners, some love it, some hate but, but yard work season is officially here. Some folks in Massachusetts take immense pride and joy in keeping their yards looking lush, green, and picturesque, while some look at the chore as a massive headache.

Regardless if you hate or love lawn care, some communities in Massachusetts are changing regulations surrounding what you can use to take care of your lawn. We're talking about gas-powered leaf blowers.

While there are no state-wide regulations banning gas-powered leafblowers, there are a growing number of Massachusetts cities and towns placing local restrictions on the motorized lawn care tools.

11 Massachusetts Cities and Towns Ban Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Man Blowing Leaves Along a Path in a Park

According to MassPIRG (Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group) "lawn and garden equipment produced roughly 615,000 tons of carbon dioxide in Massachusetts in 2020, comparable to the pollution emitted by 135,000 automobiles." Research also shows that jets on leaf blowers can stir up pollen, mold, animal feces, heavy metals, and chemicals like herbicides and pesticides.


While pollution from this equipment is the number one concern for folks in the state, the noise pollution from gas-powered leaf blowers is also a concern as units can create noise up to 100 decibels.

The following Massachusetts towns currently have some form of gas-powered leaf blower regulations:

  • Arlington
  • Belmont
  • Brookline
  • Cambridge
  • Concord
  • Lexington
  • Lincoln
  • Marblehead
  • Newton
  • Swampscott
  • Winchester

Not all bans are set in stone, however. Swampscott only prohibits gas-powered blowers on Memorial Day through Labor, covering the summer months. Lexington, Belmont, Arlington, and Concord bans start in 2026.

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