In my nearly 30 years of working in Massachusetts. I have never actually "quit" a job. There have been cases where I've had to leave my place of employment due to going off to college in Westfield or the business closed as was the case for a deli I worked for in North Adams but I never actually quit. One thing I was curious about is if there are ever any instances in Massachusetts when someone leaves a job or quits and still receives unemployment. Believe it or not, there are.

When Can I Quit a Job and Still Receive Unemployment Benefits in Massachusetts?

Typically the way unemployment works is you would have to be let go from a company in order to receive benefits but according to Mass Legal Help, there are two kinds of reasons you could receive unemployment benefits after quitting your job.

(1) Serious Employer-Related Reasons (examples would be unsafe/unhealthy working conditions, getting transferred to a job that isn't a fit for you, having your job changed/receiving fewer hours by your employer, getting paid less than before. See more here)

(2) Serious or Important Personal Reasons (examples would be your declining health, domestic violence, union rules, unexpected changes in child care. See more here)

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Massachusetts Legal Help Does Indicate That You Need to Take the Step in Working it Out with Your Employer First 

Even though the above reasons are examples of when you could receive unemployment benefits after quitting your job, in most of these cases you have to make an effort with your employer to resolve your work-related issues before quitting. There is actually another instance where you me be able to get unemployment benefits after leaving your job which you can read about by going here.

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