We have been seeing some food recalls lately in Massachusetts. We just learned that the peanut butter brand Skippy had recalled some of their products which you can learn more about by going here. Also, there was a recent recall of this particular pancake mix which was being sold at Walmart stores throughout Massachusetts. In addition, there is another recall that came out in the media a couple of weeks ago that we want to remind you about in case you missed it and especially if you have the product in your home.

Regardless of how some people feel in terms of having bottled water in their homes, consumers purchase the product. Yes, we want to have less plastic polluting the environment. I think most people would agree with that. However, there are times when you need to have bottled/boxed water on hand. For example, we're always told that we should have an emergency preparedness kit ready to go in case some form of disaster strikes. Within that kit, it's recommended that you have one gallon of water (or more) per person, per day for several days. That's where bottled water is a plus. Other examples would be if you break down and you have to stay in your vehicle for the evening or if you lose power for a great length of time, again bottled water would certainly be a good idea to have on hand in these situations.

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For anyone who purchases water on a regular basis, you'll want to check your stock for the Flow: Alkaline Spring Water products as the company has recently recalled their organic lemon & ginger flavored water because of four customer complaints of alleged adverse reactions following the consumption of the product. This is according to Food Safety News. The report mentions that the company didn't specify what the adverse reactions consisted of but Massachusetts is indeed one of the states where the water was distributed.

See the chart below for product/code information:

It's not clear at this point if customers can get a refund on this product but it's worth calling the company to find out. The phone number is (844) 356-9426. You can also contact Flow online by going here.

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