Massachusetts residents know all too well about the long cold winters in New England. Occasionally there will be winters where the snowfall is mild and there isn't as much digging out to do but those winters seem few and far between at least in Massachusetts.

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You Never Know What Time of Year Massachusetts Can Brace for a Big Snowstorm

Sometimes these massive snowstorms don't always occur right in the heart of winter. You probably remember the Halloween weekend snowstorm back in 2011 where parts of Massachusetts received up to two feet of snow. I remember in the Berkshires watching kids trick-or-treating with some youngsters wearing snowsuits and boots as part of their costumes. reported in an article that Worcester had received 14 inches of snow that weekend back in 2011.

Do You Remember The  Massive March Snowstorm that Struck Massachusetts Back in 1960? 

Another huge snowstorm that hit Massachusetts hard was back in 1960. This one wasn't in October but rather later in the season during the month of March. The snowstorm was dubbed "The Biggest Snowstorm in March History." According to AZ Animals that particular snowstorm dumped around 20 inches of snow while sending wind speeds soaring up to a staggering 83 mph. Pretty much every corner of the state was affected by that storm including The Berkshires, Cape Cod, and Boston.

Massachusetts Could Be in For Another Harsh Winter with Massive Amounts of Snow in Early 2024

It's now being predicted that Massachusetts could be in for a severe winter due to El Niño brewing in the Pacific Ocean according to Patch. January and February of 2024 in particular could bring multiple nor'easters to Massachusetts. Boston may want to prepare itself early as the city could see more than 40 inches of snow this winter according to a long-range forecast courtesy of AccuWeather.

Massachusetts Residents May Want to Think About Preparing Early for Winter 2023/2024

Although Massachusetts residents are built for long, harsh winters if this forecast is correct, it will definitely be a good idea to prepare early and have emergency kits ready to go because as we know from past nor'easters, Massachusetts could be without power for quite some time. Winter in New England, you gotta love it.

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