Massachusetts has many unique small towns. Living in the Berkshires I enjoy spending time in towns like Great Barrington, Adams, Cheshire, and Lee to name a few but I'm also fond of the county's surrounding towns including Huntington, Worthington, and Cummington. Sure these towns are smaller but they offer a host of activities including live music, natural swimming options, unique shopping experiences, breathtaking hiking trails, and downtown celebrations. At the very least, you can experience tranquility while being surrounded by breathtaking scenery in these small towns.

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The Youngest Town in Massachusetts is Only a Little Over 100 Years old

Speaking of small towns, one town located in Worcester County (15 miles west of Worcester and 35 miles east of Springfield) has a total area of 10.4 square miles and a population of 2,224 according to the 2020 United States Census. This town is East Brookfield and is also the youngest town in Massachusetts. East Brookfield was incorporated on March 24, 1920, and has been nicknamed 'The Baby Town' of the Commonwealth. The ironic thing about East Brookfield being the youngest town in Massachusetts is that it was once the industrial center of one of the oldest and largest settlements within the Commonwealth.

Some More Information About The Youngest Town in Massachusetts

According to the town's website East Brookfield is primarily a bedroom community today and offers a friendly, safe, close-knit environment with strong family and civic values. Largely residential, East Brookfield town is made up mainly of New England-style, single-family homes - some with historic significance - and boasts a diverse collection of small businesses and family restaurants. You can learn more about East Brookfield in the video below.

The Massachusetts Town's Beloved Lake Offers a Variety of Activities...Tourists and Residents Alike Love Spending Time on and Near The Popular Body of Water

The center of town is built on Lake Lashaway which offers fishing, swimming, Sunday boat races, water skiing, and more. Pontoon enthusiasts love Lake Lashaway. There are plenty of winter activities that are allowed at Lake Lashaway including snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and ice fishing to name a few.

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