"The Departed" mega star, celebrity a-lister and an all around beloved actor, Matt Damon patronized a local Western Massachusetts bagel shop last month and nobody noticed except the owner.

Lenox, Massachusetts is sort of known for a ton a celebrity sightings and Matt Damon popped into Bagel & Brew in Lenox, Massachusetts.

The Lumberjack

Daniel Craig, Justin Long, Christopher Lloyd, and Matt Damon all were spotted in Lenox in Berkshire County Massachusetts within the last few months.

No word on what Damon was doing in Lenox. Rumor is he was visiting a chiropractor. This cannot be confirmed.

The Berkshire County town of about 5000 people is home to Tanglewood Center for the performing arts which recently hosted James Taylor, Steve Miller, Jackson Browne, John Legend and more.

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