Slater and Marjo had the chance to speak to Mayor Linda Tyer on the air this morning for the first time this year.

The Covid-19 pandemic led the topic of conversation with Tyer saying, "I feel like we are in a much worse place than we were back in the spring, the data shows we are in a much worse place."

There are currently 54 patients, (8 of those in the ICU), being treated for the novel coronavirus at Berkshire Medical Center according to the hospital's information kiosk. As of Wednesday, the 7-day testing positivity rate stands at 7.4% for the county.

Along with Slater and Marjo, Tyer agreed that the ranging of the severity of symptoms in infected people along with "Covid fatigue" is worsening the pandemic locally.

Even though the hospital is caring for a big spike in Covid-19 patients, Tyer reiterated that BMC is still very much capable to handle non Covid related issues.

The hospital is still able to provide care for other types of emergencies, and it's important that we encourage people who are having medical issues that aren't Covid related to trust that the hospital can care for you. You WILL be cared for, we are not in a situation like L.A. -Mayor Linda Tyer

The mayor also went on to answer questions about the city's decision to shut down Pittsfield restaurants after a huge uptick in cases following some Halloween parties that a few local restaurants had hosted.

There was rumor that Mayor Tyer and her husband Barry Clairmont were seen dining at a restaurant in Lee just days after she signed off the temporary shutdown of Pittsfield restaraunts.

There is absolutely no truth to that rumor at all, I was not eating dinner at any restaurant in Lanesborough or Lee or any other place. I'm glad you (Slater) asked me that question, it really bothered me that that rumor was out there, so thank you for letting me clear that up. It is not true.

Mayor Tyer concluded the on air interview by imploring people mask up, distance, and wash your hands as often as you can. She also commended all on the front lines of this pandemic.

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