Cases of the measles have been detected in nine U.S. states, according to the CDC. Although the number at this point is small, there is at least one case reported in California, Georgia, Missouri, Washington, Ohio, south of Massachusetts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland.

Measles Detected in 9 States in the U.S.

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The dangerous and deadly virus was rampant in the U.S. before being declared eliminated in 2000 thanks to the MMR vaccine. You are able to be vaccinated for Measles, along with Mumps and Rubella in a two dose jab. Medical experts in Massachusetts are stressing your child get vaccinated if they haven't already. Adults can get shots as well.

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The Massachusetts Medical Society is concerned about reported cases of measles in Europe and at least six states and potential exposures at two large United States airports and wishes to remind all patients in the Commonwealth to do their part to protect themselves and their communities from contracting and spreading measles, said Massachusetts Medical Society President Barbara Spivak.

Why Is Measles So Dangerous?

Measles is a highly contagious airborne virus. It is so contagious, in fact, that up to 90% of people around them, if not immune, will become infected!

The disease will start showing symptoms 7-14 days after exposure and usually starts as flu like, but can progress to pneumonia or worse.

  •  1 out of 4 people who get Measles will be hospitalized
  •  1 out of 1000 people who get Measles will get encephalitis (brain swelling)
  •  1 out of 1000 will die of the disease.

Measles Symptoms

  • High fever
  • Cough
  • Runny nose and sneezing
  • Red, watery eyes
  • Loss of appetite, diarrhea
  • Reddish-brown rash that can spread across the entire body
  • Koplik spots, tiny white spots that may appear inside the mouth two to three days after symptoms begin
  • Small raised bumps may also appear on top of the flat red spots (the spots may become joined together as they spread from the head to the rest of the body)
  • When the rash appears, a person’s fever may spike to more than 104° F

Getting vaccinated for Measles is the best way to prevent getting infected.

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