Receiving a medical bill in the mail is a normal occurrence (especially when you're expecting one) but how often do you receive a medical bill in the mail with a letter tied to it informing you that you must pay immediately or else there will be some harsh consequences? Probably never, correct? Well, this scenario is a scam that is currently going around and Massachusetts should be on alert.

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If you do receive this type of bill and letter in the mail that threatens you with consequences such as fines, damage to your credit score, or jail time if you don't follow up with the "billing department" and pay immediately don't panic, this is just the work of con artists looking to prey on emotions and fear with the latest "medical bill" scam. By the way, there are several versions of this scam that you can view by visiting the Better Business Bureau (BBB). What you should do is take a moment, think clearly, and report the scam by going here.

What are Some Other Signs That This Medical Bill Letter is Indeed a Scam? 

If you were to take the step of calling the party that is trying to get you to pay this bogus bill right away, another tip-off that this is a scam is a person on the line may be asking for your name, address, bank account information, and social security information. Again, don't fall for it. The BBB reports that you can prevent yourself from being scammed in this situation by doing the following:

  • Verify the Claims (ask for the details)
  • Look up the customer service number
  • Don't give in to scar tactics
  • Guard your personal information carefully

No matter where you live in Massachusetts whether it's Boston, Springfield, Worcester, the Berkshires, or anywhere in the world, we're all susceptible to scams and we must protect ourselves. You can get complete details about this medical bill scam by going here.

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