The southern border has been a massive topic as of late as the U.S. is dealing with unprecedented numbers of migrants seeking asylum. As of August 2.8 million migrants have crossed the border into the U.S.

Migrant Crisis Finally Hits Massachusetts

New York And Massachusetts Attorney Generals Announce Lawsuit Against Volkswagen
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Governor Maura Healy said on Tuesday that the state does not have enough shelter for the overwhelming demand.

I wanna be absolutely clear about who these folks are. They are families, some expecting moms and children. More than half are children. They are here lawfully with the knowledge and consent of our federal government. Massachusetts, we are a compassionate state, we take seriously our duty of care for those who are vulnerable and we value the hope and resilience that new comers bring.


So, we've met this moment in Massachusetts using all the resources, creativity, and the partnership that we have to offer. We've opened two new welcome centers, set up legal services programs, contracted with human service providers, called up National Guard members, and we've also seen local communities step up in so many ways, but we've also made it clear that at every step that our shelter system cannot expand indefinitely. 

This level of demand is not sustainable. We need urgent support from the Federal Government which bears ultimate responsibility for this situation. Today we can share that our shelter system is on the verge on reaching capacity. As of yesterday, close to 7000 families are in emergency shelter. That's more than twice then number of families we were sheltering a year ago. -Gov. Maura Healy

New York State


Just last month New York City Mayor Eric Adams voiced frustration to the feds after his city faced and is currently facing the same issue.

Migrants are trekking across tough geographical terrain to seek asylum in the U.S. from countries such as Venezuela, Mexico and more.

Adams recently returned from a trip to Central America where he implored that families not flock to the U.S., citing that their perception of life in America may be misunderstood and that the immigration system is dealing with massive problems at the moment.

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