Summer in Massachusetts brings lots of great things. Warm weather, baseball, lobster rolls, beach trips, and BBQs. After a winter season that seems to drag into spring, Massachusetts residents are ready to enjoy some of the beauty New England offers and we want to be outside as much as possible.

Unfortunately, there are a few negatives to the summer season in Massachusetts, number one being the sometimes oppressive humidity, and the second...bugs. But not just any bugs, the dreaded mosquito.

Nothing can quite kill a nice summer evening like being swarmed with pesky mosquitos and waking up to red itchy blotches on any exposed skin. These little buggers can even bite you through thin clothing.

This summer in particular has been brutal for mosquitos in Massachusetts. If you feel like there have been more skeeters than usual trying to ruin you're summer, you'd be correct. And the answer to why makes complete sense.

Has There Been an Uptick in Mosquitos in Massachusetts in 2023?

Simply put, Yes. According to WWLP, there are a few factors that have led to the uptick in mosquitos this year, but the number one factor has obviously been rain. The "mosquito season" started early this year along with the deluge of rain most Massachusetts saw in early summer, which didn't seem to let up. Larger amounts of puddles and standing stagnant water made for the perfect breading ground for the bugs, which are not only annoying but can carry deadly diseases.


We are expecting certain populations of species to increase, said Timothy Deschamps, Executive Director of the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project, via CBS News.


Unfortunately, mosquitos are developing a resistance to insecticides, making it more difficult to protect yourself from disease. The CDC says as you continue to use insecticides over time, it can lead to insecticide resistance.

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