The City of Pittsfield Board of Health wants to remind residents that they may request to be excluded from truck-mounted mosquito spray application by submitting an Exclusion Request Form. The form can be accessed at

The form is also available by contacting the Berkshire County Mosquito Control Project (BCMCP) at 413-447-9808 or via email to  Exclusion requests may be submitted at any time of the year and will take effect 14 days after the request is made. All requests will expire Dec 31in the calendar year in which they are received.

The Board of Health may approve the Mosquito Control Project to perform truck-mounted mosquito control pesticide spraying during the warm weather months, typically between July through September, to control the mosquito population.   The decision to spray is based upon a phased response to surveillance data and an elevated risk of exposure to mosquitoes carrying a disease-causing virus.  There is public notification of spray areas prior to scheduled treatment.

Information about mosquito borne- illness and protection tips are available on the city’s via the Health Department page.  For further information on pesticide application and other control measures, please call the Mosquito Control Project at 413-447-9808 or email

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