Massachusetts is a tourist's dream. There's so much to do from hiking, biking, museums, Red Sox games, and more. Speaking of biking, many downtown areas are bike-friendly which is perfect for those who want to discover new areas while riding their bikes.

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If you are a biking enthusiast or a weekend warrior you probably like to discover new places without having to leave your bike at home. It's quite the win for bicyclists as they get to experience interesting places while still getting plenty of exercise. If you are looking to check out some cities in Massachusetts and want to take your bike along you're probably wondering which cities are the most bike-friendly.

What is the Most Bikeable city in Massachusetts?

To answer this question we turned to REDFIN as they published a list of the most bikeable cities in Massachusetts. As part of the research, the site factored in median sale price and rent. Today we spotlight the top three cities from the list.

Taking the #3 spot for bikeability in Massachusetts is Brookline. Here's REDFIN's review of Brookline.

Particularly bikeable areas in Brookline include Coolidge Corner and Brookline Village. These places are home to destinations like Larz Anderson Park, Zaftigs Delicatessen, and the Brookline Reservoir.

Bike Score: 74
Median Sale Price: $925,000
Median Rent Price: $4,216

Taking the #2 spot for bikeability in Massachusetts is Somerville. Here's REDFIN's review of Somerville.

There are bikeable roads, neighborhoods, and trails throughout Somerville, like the Somerville Community Path and the Mystic River Path, helping make the city accessible without a car.

Bike Score: 90
Median Sale Price: $920,000
Median Rent Price: $3,190

The #1 spot for bikeability in Massachusetts is Cambridge. Here's REDFIN's review of Cambridge.

Cambridge, the most bikeable city in Massachusetts and one of the most bikeable places in the country, boasts a bike score of 96. The city is home to several cyclist-friendly neighborhoods, like Harvard Square and Central Square. These serene areas contain bike lanes and plenty of attractions accessible by bike.

Bike Score: 96
Median Sale Price: $1,075,000
Median Rent Price: $3,370

You can view the entire list of the most walkable cities in Massachusetts by going here.

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