Ever since the invention of the wheel new innovations have been constantly changing the landscape of the workplace. Industries and businesses that were very successful like the video store or the 1-hour photo mart became obsolete with the development of streaming services and smartphone technology.

The development of the “Internet” in late 1969 put digital tech on a fast track to overtake the way we work, shop, and communicate decades later. The explosion was fueled by the ability to make money. Multimillion-dollar ventures have been launched worldwide from a computer in a room as big as a closet.

Stacker.com recently released the study “Most Common Jobs 150 Years Ago in Massachusetts.” The results reflect back on a much different lifestyle. Below is the list according to Stacker.com.

#15 – Dress Markers
#14 – Painter & Varnishers
#13 – Draymen, Hackmen, Teamster (delivery, driver, transportation)
#12 – Machinist
#11 – Sailor
#10 – Tailor & Seamstress
#09 – Store Clerk
#08 – Wool Mill Operative
#07 – Carpenter
#06 – Agricultural Laborer
#05 – Cotton-Mill Operative
#04 – Farmer & Planter
#03 – Domestic Servant
#02 – Boot & Shoe Maker
#01 – Laborer (not specified)

You can check out the complete “Most Common Jobs 150 Years Ago in Massachusetts” by clicking on this link to Stacker.com.

I wonder if you put 10 people in a room and ask if you would like to turn the clock back 30-years or fast forward 30-years what do you think the results would be? We have history on our side knowing what to expect making the choice of going back in time, but is curiosity and the unknown enough to take the risk to jump ahead 30-years? Which would you choose?

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