Massachusetts is famous for many things. Its place in American history, its iconic sports teams, and even that terrible accent, which only a tiny amount of us have by the way.

Besides the obvious notable traits, Massachusetts also has quite the culinary scene. From world-class steakhouses in Boston to farm-to-table delicacies in the Berkshires, foodies in Massachusetts have a variety to choose from, however, no Massachusetts cuisine is more renowned than its fresh seafood.

Now when you think of Massachusetts and fresh seafood, you're likely not thinking about Sushi. In the greater Boston area alone there are 304 sushi restaurants let alone the rest of the state, which yes, does exist. Even though sushi might not be the first thing you think of when Massachusetts cuisine comes to mind, some of the most sought-after Bluefin tuna in the world is caught off the coast of Gloucester.

Recently, the lifestyle website Time Out compiled a list of the 23 Best Sushi Restaurants in America and one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Massachusetts was at the top of the list.

Most Popular Sushi Restaurant in Massachusetts Top List of Best in U.S.

Coming in at number four on this prestigious list is O Ya, an insanely popular eaterie in the Leather District.


The restaurant is famous for its nightly omakase dinner, which is a chef’s-choice menu of 20 courses featuring a variety of unique nigiri, sashimi, and cooked dishes. Buyer beware, these meals can run you around $300, so California roll lovers need not apply.

Though Boston was hardly devoid of Japanese restaurants in 2007, it had never seen anything quite like the arrival of this rustic-industrial Leather District hideaway. From needlefish sashimi served with the deep-fried head and backbone to tomalley aioli-topped lobster-caviar nigiri, every last luxury presented by chef Tim Cushman was as exquisite as it was exotic (as were the beverage pairings his wife Nancy, as the city’s first sake sommelier, oversaw). And so they remain. At around 20 courses, omakase at O Ya fetches a small fortune (around $295), but as you marvel your way through striped horse mackerel in leche de tigre or the famous foie gras with chocolate-balsamic kabayaki and raisin-cocoa pulp, the tab will shrink in comparison to the blissful memories being made

Time Out on O Ya


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