You know what? For as shady as Aretha Franklin's "great gowns, beautiful gowns" dig at Taylor Swift might have been, Franklin did have a point — Swift's got a signature style down pat, and it's never featured more clearly than in Swift's expansive collection of music videos.

Since the premiere of Swift's "Tim McGraw" in 2006, which found the then-country darling daydreaming in a delicate dress by a reflective pond, the pop star has dazzled audiences with her fashionable point of view. By employing everything from a simple cable-knit sweater in "Back To December" to a straight-up BDSM battle suit in "Bad Blood" to a gown of diamonds in "Look What You Made Me Do," Swift's proven she's more than just the girl who used to wear ballgowns while assuming the role of Juliet Capulet.

Thursday (March 6), Swift will release the latest video for her new Reputation single "Delicate," and while there's no telling exactly where the treatment will take her (or her wardrobe), her sixth album's productions have proven she's riskier than ever, and we're likely in for something a bit shocking.

Still, we'd be remiss to forget where Swift came from.

Below, we've collected what we consider to be Swift's 16 most memorable music video looks, from the band geek that suffers through unrequited love in "You Belong With Me" to the mud-ravaged runaway in "Out of the Woods." Check 'em all out, and if you've got a favorite among the group, be sure to share it in the comments.

Taylor Swift's Most Memorable Music Video Looks

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