Massachusetts is one of the most educated states in the U.S. Some of the country's oldest and most prestigious secondary schools and colleges are located in the Bay State. Its residents are some of the most educated and successful in the country, so you think it would be safe to say with all those accolades Massachusetts would be considered pretty intelligent, right? Cue the state's most misspelled word.

Earlier this year, Google Analytics took a look at the words each state commonly searches the spelling of. Think of all the times you've typed "How do you spell..." what was the word at the end of that sentence?

What is 2023's Most Commonly Misspelled Word in Massachusetts?

According to Google Analytics, the most searched spelling word in Massachusetts is... ETIQUETTEFor a state that is often accused of having a lack of etiquette (see the term Masshole), we thought it was somewhat ironic.

The only saving grace for our state is the embarrassing choices of some other states that make us look slightly better. For example, Maine needed help spelling "quiet", Florida ironically searched how to spell "government" and residents of Georgia needed some assistance with the word "queen", yeah... I don't know what's going on in Georgia, but I'd be willing to bet it's keyboard warriors debating drag queens.

Another interesting finding? Both California and Rhode Island had the word "bougie" Googled the most. The term, which is slang for fancy or high maintenance, stems from the term bourgeois, which originally meant the materialism of the middle class. I can see where the spelling confusion comes from, especially after Migos dropped their hit "Bad and Boujee". We all know Migos trumps Merriam Webster - all day.


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