Here's a question, Berkshire County residents: Are you a fan of that oh-so-delicious Mexican delicacy that traditionally consists of a flour tortilla wrapped and sealed around various ingredients such as beans, cheese, rice, onions, peppers, sour cream, etc., commonly known as a burrito?

If you are a fan, here's another question: How do you normally prefer your burrito? Let's find out if the way you prefer your burrito falls in with the rest of the Massachusetts Majority.

The burrito has slowly but steadily grown in popularity over the years even surpassing the popularity of the taco in some areas of the country. Recently, Shane Co, the nation's largest privately-owned jeweler, conducted a survey in every state asking residents how they prefer their burritos.

As always, the results of the survey were quite interesting. Here's just some of what we learned regarding residents of the Commonwealth and how they take their burritos. BTW, did you know that the word "burrito" in Spanish means literally "little donkey"? Yep. 'Tis true.

First, the majority of Massachusetts prefers black beans, chicken, and rice as the base ingredients for their burritos. Second, the top add-ons for Massachusetts residents include cheese, lettuce, onions, peppers, and sour cream. Third, we Bay State residents don't want it too spicy as we tend to reach for the mild salsa.

If you truly love burritos, do yourself a favor and check out the full survey at Shane Co's website here. There's plenty of cool info such as which ingredients people are least likely to add to their "little donkeys" and much more.

How are you going to cool down after eating that FIERY burrito? How about with a delicious frozen treat? KEEP READING...

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