Even though Massachusetts is notable for being a top state to raise a family as well as being the most educated state, Massachusetts is also recognized as being the loneliest state as published in a study by Bet Massachusetts this past February. One could say that it's no surprise that Valentine's Day isn't at the top of the list of most romantic holidays for Massachusetts folks. From Boston to the Berkshires, there are some lonely folks in the Bay State.

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If Not Valentine's Day, What is the Most Romantic Holiday in Massachusetts?

So we know Valentine's Day isn't the most romantic holiday for Massachusetts but it is in the top 5. We know there are some lonely folks in the Bay State but not everyone is as we'll see in just a moment. According to a study conducted by Betway Insider, the following are the top three most romantic holidays in Massachusetts with a look at how many babies were born nine months after a holiday in the Bay State. Here are the results.

Top Three Most Actively Romantic Holidays in Massachusetts for 2023

Though these three holidays are pretty close. Halloween gets the king's throne for the most actively romantic holiday in Massachusetts. I wonder why this is the case. Is it because partners get a little closer to each other when there is spookiness in the air? Maybe they're watching a horror movie and holding each other close to stay protected during a disturbing scene. Whatever the case may be, Halloween wins out at least for this year. You can check out more results below:

Betway Insider
Betway Insider

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