Massachusetts is a great place to live and it's full of really good people. Unfortunately, there are still some bad apples out there as well.
In an age where people have access to others in so many ways, coupled with ever-growing technology, scams are on the rise across the country and right here in Massachusetts as well.
According to CNBC, there has been a 61% increase in attacks and scams in the past year, and each year they become more sophisticated in their methods. The news outlet reports that last year consumers lost an estimated $5.8 billion to fraud last year.
While online scams and fraudulent phone calls are on the rise across the United States, some states are being hit harder than others.
A recent study from Secure Data Recovery conducted an analysis of search trends across all 50 states to pinpoint the areas where people are most susceptible to scams and which scams specifically targeted each state.

Massachusetts Ranks Top Ten in Most Scammed State

Based on the volume of the most searched scam-related keywords, Massachusetts ranks as the 8th highest state that scams occur in.

Massachusetts Ranks in the Top Three for States that are Victims of Online Shopping Scams

Massachusetts is the second state that's most affected by online shopping scams, right behind New Hampshire which came in at number one. Online shopping scams are the most prevalent scams in Massachusetts.


Unfortunately, scammers often use popular online brands to perform their scams, The most commonly used brands in online scams are Facebook, PayPal, CashApp, Amazon, and Geek Squad.

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