Listen--anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I can appreciate a good practical joke. I mean, a great prank is a great prank. However, if there are actual injuries as a direct result of the prank...That's not funny.

There was a serious incident that took place yesterday in Franklin County whereupon several students had to be taken to the hospital with burned throats and mouths plus irritated skin and eyes after eating spicy hot chewing gum.

WWLP/News 22 Springfield reports that an incident during recess at Dexter Park School in Orange, MA, resulted in several students being taken to the hospital. Apparently, during recess, several kids were given chewing gum that contained pepper.

Immediately after eating the gum, students' mouths and throats began to burn. Some students complained their stomachs swelled in pain. Other students who didn't eat the gum but touched it and then touched their faces or eyes experienced skin reactions and eye irritation, according to WWLP.

According to Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Teahan-Zielinski, one student purchased the gum online and then brought it to school and offered it to several students at recess.

The Superintendent also made it very clear that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken after a thorough investigation. Six children were rushed to Heywood Hospital by ambulance. Other kids were taken to the hospital by concerned parents.

For much more on the story, visit WWLP's website here.

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