The Berkshire Eagle reports that police are investigating an incident early yesterday morning in which human feces was smeared outside a woman's home in the Brayton Hill Terrace neighborhood.  While the North Adams Police Department is not labeling the incident a hate crime at this moment, a post on social claims otherwise.

Shortly before 8 a.m. Wednesday a woman called police to report that someone had smeared feces on her door, siding and air conditioning unit.  Reports refer to the caller as a black woman, and lists one white male and one white female as "involved parties."

While post a post social media has said that an apartment next door to the woman's unit hosted a gathering of a group of white men with shaved heads the night before, who were allegedly heard using racial slurs derogatory to black people "all night long".  The post goes on to say that cameras within the facility caught a white man  "doing it shortly after 3 in the morning" and that "He was wearing the same clothes as one of the man from the party last night".

Police Chief Jason Wood was reluctant to label it a hate crime at this point.

Nothing points to a`hate crime' at the moment.  The officer assigned to the complaint has not written his narrative yet. So, as of now, all I can say is it's under investigation.

Police Chief Jason Wood

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