It's always exciting to see a new business make its way to the Berkshires. There is one that has made its way here, but is still in the process of getting some things lined up before it can officially open up. That new business happens to be the newest brewery to come to the Berkshires.

The new brewery that has made its way here but getting some fine details worked out is Hot Plate Brewing in downtown Pittsfield. It has moved into the back of the Onota Building just of Front Street (technically on School Street).

While we are still eagerly anticipating the new brewery to open in the Berkshires, recently, Hot Plate Brewing took to social media to let everyone know where they stand as of Friday, November 11th:

Sarah Real and Mike Dell'Aquila are the co-founders of the new brewery that will be opening up in downtown Pittsfield. Despite the fact that they haven't opened up just yet, they have been making Hot Plate Brewing known around the Berkshires. For instance, they were recently in Lenox at Dare Bottleshop & Provisions.

In fact, there's a chance you may have been lucky enough to sample some of their beers when they took part in the festivities for the 'Downtown Pittsfield...It's Alive' festivities a little before Halloween.

We're definitely excited for the day when Hot Plate Brewing can open up to the public. In the meantime, follow their progress on social media on both Facebook and Instagram as they give updates along the way during their journey.

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