One thing that I loved about growing up in Berkshire County was gathering up my friends and enjoying some scoops at Friendly's. It was a fun way to get the gang together while enjoying a treat. My favorite dessert on the Friendly's menu (at least at this moment) is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sundae.

At One Time Berkshire County Was Loaded with Friendly's Restaurants

I have lived in four different locations  in Berkshire County including North Adams, Cheshire, Lee and Pittsfield and for the past 15 years I have been working in Great Barrington. At one time, all of those towns, with the exception of Cheshire, contained a Friendly's Restaurant and I visited all of them. Lenox had a Friendly's restaurant as well. I may be forgetting some other locations but the point is, there wasn't a shortage of Friendly's restaurants in Berkshire County.

One of the Berkshire County Friendly's Locations Became a Habit for Me and My Manager

There was a time approximately 12 to 13 years ago where my manager and I entered into a habit of ordering up five scoop sundaes from the Great Barrington location a few  times a We were teased for this but what can I say? Their ice cream is addictive. Unfortunately, our habit didn't save the Great Barrington location from closing. As a matter of fact, the sole Friendly's Restaurant that remains in Berkshire County is the Dalton Ave. location in Pittsfield. Remember when there was a Friendly's on West Housatonic Street?

A Fresh Updated Version of Friendly's Will be Opening in a Nearby Berkshire County City

Coming up in a couple of weeks, a new version of Friendly's will be opening in Westfield. According to multiple online media sources, the new eatery will be a cafe-style experience where there will be casual dining, and flexibility when paying the bill. Takeout will also be available. Check out the video below for complete details.

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Westfield Isn't That Far From Berkshire County Especially if You Can Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Westfield may seem like a hike for some folks in Berkshire County but if you have business to conduct or family to visit in our neighboring city, it may be worth a stop to see what the dining experience is like at the new Friendly's Cafe. Every two months, I travel to Wason Avenue in Springfield for my kidney check up (I received a transplant in the fall of 2017). One of these times, I may stop off at the new eatery to see what the buzz is all about.

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