The Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough has lost 4 of its 5 anchor stores since October of 2015. Target, the only one remaining, is considered, "stand alone", separate from the mall.

The good news is, that Manny Gonzalez, a Ludlow entrepreneur, has signed a lease with the Berkshire Mall to open the Berkshire Mall Emporium. Basically, a giant consignment shop will soon fill the space formerly occupied by J.C. Penney.

The establishment of businesses like emporiums featuring vintage items is one of the methods being used to revitalize large struggling retail shopping complexes, which have lost multiple tenants due to the changes in national retail trends.  - The Berkshire Eagle.

Gonzalez, who refused to comment on the length of the lease term, is working with the town of Lanesborough to make sure things are bureaucratically legit.

Over the last few months, the mall has had no power on occasion, rumored to permanently close, rumored to be taken over by the Baker Hill Road District, and has actually closed for a few days.

In a world of home delivered goods purchased by online retailers, this is the first sign of hope for Berkshire Mall lovers who want it to remain a "mall".

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