Drunk driving remains a problem in this country and the never ending fight to stop in continues. Yes, progress has been made, but the staggering statistic that 31% of all traffic fatalities involve a drunk driver proves more can be done.

10,000 people are killed in the U.S. annually due to an alcohol related crash. President Joe Biden's infrastructure bill (2021) aims to help curb these numbers.

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Massachusetts Higher Than 31% Average

Drunk driving and drugged driving have an enormous impact on road safety in Massachusetts. In 2021, over one-third (34%) of all motor vehicle deaths in Massachusetts involved a drunk driver, which was higher than the national rate of 31%.

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The automotive industry was told to make it happen in terms of getting breathalyzers in vehicles by as early as 2026, but will Massachusetts realize this aggressive goal? A final decision is supposed to be made by November of this year.

BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) higher than .08 is illegal in MA, what device would come in new vehicles? Breathalyzers...

A breathalyzer and/or vehicle sensitivity system to determine whether or not your drunk behind the wheel are options, according to usatoday.com.

NHTSA is focusing on "passive" driver alcohol detection technologies – currently being developed – with sensors to measure alcohol in the driver's skin or breath. A steering wheel or ignition switch could have a touch pad, which could use near infrared light to detect alcohol in the body. A breath sensor could measure alcohol when the driver exhales.

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The powers that be are working on the technology that would make this a reality in new cars and trucks by 2026 or 2027. So, yes it's possible that Massachusetts could see alcohol detection devices in the next few years.

As soon as 2026?

New legislation requires new vehicles sold in the United States as soon as 2026 to be equipped with passive alcohol detection systems. Passive alcohol detection systems are still in the developmental stages. -charlottecriminallawyer.com

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