There's no doubt that Massachusetts has some strange laws and plenty of them. For example, we have covered some of the strangest laws the Bay State has to offer. However, many of these laws are no longer really active. For example, is somebody really going to be arrested or fined for snoring in their own home if the windows aren't closed or locked? Yeah, that is actually a Massachusetts law, albeit a strange one. You can read more about this Massachusetts head-scratching law by going here.

What About the Weird Massachusetts Law Pertaining to Gorillas in the Back Seat? 

Another Massachusetts law that I have always found both strange and entertaining is the "no gorillas in the backseat law." However, this law actually makes a little more sense when you actually break it down as it pertains to animals in general and not just gorillas. Check out the details of this law by going here. You can check out a list of 31 strange and outdated Massachusetts laws by going here. This list should entertain you for at least a few minutes.


New York Has a Strange Elevator Law, Have You Heard of It? 

With all of the strange and entertaining laws that technically still exist in the Bay State, I couldn't help but check out what our neighboring states have for weird/outdated laws. One law I found particularly puzzling comes from the State of New York. According to multiple internet sources, it's illegal to speak to people when inside an elevator. I have absolutely no idea why this would be a law unless the state wants you to listen intently to the beautiful background music while riding the elevator. If you know of a more logical reason behind this law, feel free to chat with us on our free app. In the meantime, if you're riding an elevator in New York, zip your

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