The Berkshire Law Enforcement Task Force arrested nine individuals and seized a significant amount of narcotics and a dozen firearms as part of a lengthy investigation into a large-scale illegal narcotics operation in Berkshire County.

The investigation resulted in the Law Enforcement Task Force’s largest seizure of narcotics in Berkshire County in a single investigation since 2013. Law Enforcement seized an estimated 1,752 grams of cocaine, 80 grams of heroin, 26 grams of various pills, 12 illegal firearms, and $23,591 cash.

As a part of an extensive six-month investigation, the Task Force executed search warrants on five residences in Pittsfield, one in Clarksburg, a North Adams commercial property, and two motor vehicles.

Police arrested Reginald Ellerbee, 40, of Pittsfield, Tonia Maxwell, 42, of North Adams, Domonique Gary, 35, of Northampton, Zahir Allah, 40, of Springfield, Alexius Vaughan, 28, of Pittsfield, Wisdom Ellerbee, 39, of North Adams, Valente Ellerbee, 36, of Pittsfield, Joseph Rock, 63, of Clarksburg, and Robert Williams, 36, of Pittsfield.

“These arrests are a result of strong collaboration between state and local law enforcement and the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office to remove these drugs and guns from our community. I thank the investigators for their excellent and important work in disrupting the flow of harmful drugs in Berkshire County,” District Attorney Andrea Harrington said.

“My office will hold the charged individuals accountable. However, the long-term solution to the drug epidemic lies in eliminating the demand for illegal drugs by providing treatment and opportunities for those struggling with substance use and addressing the underlying conditions that lead to individuals choosing to engage in dangerous and illegal drug dealing."

Reginald Ellerbee and Tonia Maxwell face charges of trafficking in cocaine 200 grams or more and trafficking in heroin 36-100 grams. Gary and Allah face charges of trafficking cocaine over 200 grams or more and trafficking in heroin 18 to 36 grams. Vaughn faces a charge of trafficking in cocaine over 200 grams. Wisdom and Valente Ellerbee face a charge of trafficking in cocaine over 200 grams. Rock races a charge of trafficking in cocaine over 200 grams and several additional firearm charges. Williams faces charges of possession with intent to distribute a Class A substance and manufacturing a Class B substance.

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The Berkshire Law Enforcement Task Force, Berkshire District Attorney’s Office, Berkshire State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office, Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office, Pittsfield Police Department, North Adams Police Department, Lee Police Department, and Adams Police Department conducted the investigation.

The Massachusetts State Police Division of Homeland Security and Preparedness, Commonwealth Interstate Narcotics Reduction Enforcement Team, FBI Western Massachusetts Gang Task Force, Hampshire/Franklin Narcotics Task Force, Hampden County Narcotics Task Force, and the Massachusetts State Police Troop B Community Action Team assisted.

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