The third largest jackpot in history is upon us come Friday as there was no winner for Tuesday's Mega Millions $865 million prize.

Friday's jackpot is projected to be around $970 million and could swell to a billion if enough people buy tickets.

On top of that, tonight's powerball drawing is for an estimated $730 million. Just sayin'.

FUN FACT: There hasn't been a winner for Mega Millions or Powerball since September.

The largest jackpot ever was $1.58 billion for Powerball back in 2016. It was split three ways. Will we get there again?

Yes, the jackpot will keep growing even if no one wins. Marjo thought somehow the slate was swiped clean once people got bored due to no one winning for so long.

Your chance of winning: 1 in 292,000,000.

I hope someone wins, I can't spend anymore money on quick picks!

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