Just two weeks after a brutal heat wave swept over the majority of the east coast, temperatures across Massachusetts are back into the mid-90s today with heat indexes climbing to over 100 degrees in some western parts of the state.

Massachusetts residents are doing their best to beat the heat, by cranking the AC and fans, staying indoors, and staying hydrating. As summer temperatures peak Pittsfield's lakes are being utilized daily along with the city's two splash pads. Located at The Common on First St and Clapp Park on West St., the public splash pads are packed with kids staying cool in the summer months and it's great to see.

While Pittsfield's splash pads are open to people of all ages, it is not however open to dogs. You might think that that's a no-brainer, but apparently, for some folks, it was not. We're all about keeping our pups safe and cool during these heat waves, but the splash pad isn't the place to do it.

In a post to their social page, the Pittsfield Parks and Recreation Department shared a reminder that our furry friends are not allowed in either splash pad in the city.

There are lots of ways to keep your pups cool during these hot temperatures like creating your own splash pad situation at home. A kiddie pool and sprinklers are great options for a lot of dogs, as well as making sure they have a shady area to go outside and always have fresh water available. Remember that some roadways and sidewalks can be too hot for your dog's paw pads when temperatures get into the 90s. You know your dog best, so make sure you make decisions that will keep them and you safe in this heat.


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