The North Adams Police responded to a report of an altercation involving gunshots in North Adams just before midnight on Saturday according to a post to the NAPD Facebook page.

The report states that North Adams Police patrol units were dispatched to 145 State Street in North Adams around 11:45 PM on Saturday, October 23rd for a report of gunshots fired during an altercation.  According to the report officers at the scene determined that 6 shots were fired from a 9-millimeter weapon that penetrated the upstairs apartment walls.

After talking with witnesses, North Adams Police put out a regional broadcast requesting regional law enforcement agencies keep an eye out for a vehicle believed to be driven by an alleged suspect.  According to the NAPD post, about 1 1/2 hours later the vehicle was spotted by officers of the Adams Police Department.  A traffic stop ensued by both APD assisted by NAPD.  Through the witness accounts and video surveillance, the male perp in the vehicle was taken into custody without incident according to the report.

After days of investigation, North Adams Police Department Detectives executed a search warrant on a North Adams residence resulting in a second arrest of another male suspect and the seizure of two 9-millimeter handguns.  Both perps have been arraigned at Northern Berkshire District Court according to the NAPD Facebook post. The names of the two arrested and arraigned were not released or the location of the second arrest.

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