It seems drinking games are not just for college students anymore.  I’ve been to a couple of parties since the easing of the pandemic restrictions and on both occasions, the Solo cups and Ping-Pong balls came out for a competitive game of Beer Pong.

Scrolling online I recently tripped over a study by the jewelry company Shane Co. on The Most Popular Drinking Game in Every U.S. State.  I immediately thought to myself with all of the colleges in Massachusetts it’s got to be Beer Pong hands down.  I was wrong.

The Shane Co. studied Google Trends search volume of drinking games by state between 2020 and 2021.  Here in Massachusetts, it was not Beer Pong but Screw the Dealer landing the #1 Drinking Game spot in the state.  The game was #1 in 3 other states…Florida, Illinois, and New York according to the Shane Co. study. The link below will show a video on how to play.

The #1 Drinking Game in Massachusetts is "Screw the Dealer"

Overall Beer Pong was the #1 Drinking Game across the country topping the list in 13 states.  Ironically, in New Hampshire where Beer Pong was invented in the 50s at Dartmouth College, the #1 game in the state was Spin the Bottle according to the Shane Co. study.

The other games making the Shane Co. study were Paranoia with 7 states, Quarters with 6, Spin the Bottle and Screw the Dealer with 4, Ride the Bus, and Chandelier with 3 states each at #1.

A quick Google search will give you some specifics on how to play each game if you are not familiar with the rules.  After all not following the rules during a drinking game can quickly morph into a fighting game.  Check out the complete study with a great deal of more info on The Most Searched Drinking Game in Every U.S. State by clicking on that Shane Co. link.

Always play and drink responsibly.

How to play Screw the Dealer...

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