Colonel Christopher Mason, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police sent out a statement via social media Tuesday on the New York City Subway shooting incident occurring on Tuesday morning.
The shooting, more specifically, occurred at the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn. Some 29 people were shot or otherwise injured.

No threat is indicated for Massachusetts...

This is the statement posted Tuesday by Colonel Mason:
We continue to monitor intelligence related to the subway shooting in New York City in coordination with our federal and local law enforcement partners. While the suspect’s identity and motive remain unknown at this time, currently available information does not indicate any threat to Massachusetts.
We, along with our partners, routinely deploy a multi-layered security plan at major transportation hubs and critical infrastructure sites, and that operational stance remains in effect today. Furthermore, our operations plans for major event security, such as those in place for the Boston Marathon, are dynamic and scalable as dictated by current intelligence, and can be adapted as necessary.
If the ongoing investigation in New York leads to information relevant to the immediate safety of Massachusetts residents, we will update our law enforcement partners and the public accordingly.
(See below: A person of interest is now being sought after this initial statement was made.)
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Here is the Facebook post:

A person of interest is being sought...

Police in New York City are seeking a man they consider a "person of interest" in the case. 62-year-old Frank James apparently has posted hours of video on YouTube where he is ranting about New York City Major Eric Adams, homeless people in the subway, and gun violence.

Precautions will be in place at Monday's Boston Marathon regardless...

The Boston Marathon will be making its return to the traditional Patriots Day holiday for the first time in three years next week. The city's police superintendent, Gregory Long, says runners and spectators should be prepared to encounter heavy security. Long said at a Tuesday news conference that in addition to highly visible uniformed officers, there will also be plainclothes officers dispersed throughout the crowd. Long also says that there is no known credible threat to the Marathon. 

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