LED lights are just too bright. Yes, they illuminate the road better, but at what cost? LED headlights have replaced halogen lights over the years, and some are just obnoxious.

Headlights on USPS vehicles are insanely bright since they switched to LED

A halogen bulb puts out about 1,000 lumens. An LED bulb puts out about 4,000 lumens. Some aftermarket LED bulbs, many illegal, advertise an eye melting 12,000 lumens! -cbsnews.com

Has anyone else noticed the absurdly bright new LED headlights that the U.S. Postal Service vehicles? I can't find any language that says that there has been a super recent upgrade to the trucks, but there is definitely something going on here.

MA Residents Angered Over Upgrade To USPS Delivery Vehicles


I was on a routine trip home when I came upon a USPS delivery vehicle when I was completely blinded by the headlights that were glaring in my direction. It was so bright, I had to apply my brakes and slow down almost to a complete stop because I could not see.

The very same night, I come home to a post on Facebook and see a mutual friend of mine complaining of the exact same thing.

Who do I contact at USPS to say thank you for the absolutely blinding LED headlights they added to their fleet or delivery vehicles? -Luke Marion On Facebook


This post is certainly not to sling mud at the USPS, but just to drum up some conversation about this. These lights were REDICULOUSLY bright. I understand the safety of Massachusetts' delivery personnel is paramount

LED lights are so bright, there is a petition to lessen the brightness level on vehicles sold in the U.S.

In the meantime, a non-profit called Soft Lights Foundation has a petition with 60,000 signatures calling on Washington to set limits on how bright and how blue headlights can be. The foundation would really like an all-out ban on LEDs.

Kimberly Denault of Methuen is a volunteer for the Soft Lights Foundation. "It's a public safety issue," she said. "I've literally been driving before and had to stop in the middle of the road because I was completely blinded. Completely blinded."

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