With Halloween just around the corner, so many people are wanting to hit up the stores for the best candy to hand out, or just to consume their favorite candy that is available in bulk. Unfortunately, there is one Massachusetts company that is having to recall some of its product they have been distributing to stores.

One of the more popular candies associated with Halloween is candy corn. And this particular Massachusetts company has now had to pull its candy corn packages from stores. The company is concerned that their candy corn may contain egg. The company is Arcade Snacks out of Auburn, MA.

There previously had been 15-ounce bags of the candy corn from Arcade Snacks sold in certain parts of the Bay State. Of course, the concern is that those with allergies to egg are at risk if the product should be consumed. However, as reported by WMUR, there have yet to be any reported illnesses due to the product in question.

Full refunds for the products are available at the place the candy corn was purchased.

This also brings up a point for the Halloween season about candy safety. There are several allergies out there that could be at least somewhat of a risk, given the season for giving out candy to not just kids, but also adults, that may have purchased candies that may contain ingredients that one may be allergic to. With a lot of candy products consumed at Halloween time, peanut allergies are also something to watch for during this time of year.

That being said, while it's important to take the proper precautions when it comes to those candies that one may be allergic to, try not to let that interfere with your candy devouring (in moderation, of course) during this exciting time of year!

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