Massachusetts is a great place to live and visit.

The second of the original 13 colonies and the sixth state to join the union, Massachusetts has a rich history in many things. Massachusetts played a major role in the formation of our great nation and to this day is home to some of the oldest and most historic restaurants, schools, and landmarks in the U.S.

Massachusetts residents are proud of the state's place in history, but almost nothing brings folks in the Commonwealth more pride than their iconic and legendary professional sports teams.

The moniker of "Titletown" isn't taken lightly. The New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, and Boston Red Sox have combined for 40 championship titles. 12 of those have come since the year 2000. There isn't much that Massachusetts residents take as seriously as their sports teams and it's a history they're proud to keep alive.

There is perhaps no place more holy in Boston sports than Fenway Park. Completed in 1912, Fenway is the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. The Red Sox played their first game there on April 20th of that year after spending 1910 and 1911 at the Huntington Avenue Grounds.

The park features a 37-foot, 2-inch high left-field wall known as the Green Monster, as well as other quirks such as Pesky’s Pole in right field and The Triangle in the center. Fenway Park has played host to 11 World Series, with the Red Sox winning six of them and the Boston Braves winning one.

So needless the say, it is one of the most beloved landmarks in the city, the state, and even the country. Folks from all over the world come to take in a game at the league's most storied park.

At a capacity of just under 35,000 and around 80 home games a year, around 2.8 million fans pass through each season, in addition to the hundreds of thousands that attend post-season games and special events such as concerts, the Winter Classic, and more.

Most home fans and even visitors are in awe over the magic of Fenway Park. All but one guy, who despite having a spectacular day at the ballpark, left the historic stadium a one-star review on a popular crowd-sourced app.

Why Did This Fan Leave Fenway Park a One-Star Review on Yelp?!

In June of 2017, Michael F. of Houston, Texas had a great day at Fenway Park. He indicated in his review that a trip to the park had been on his bucket list and he was pleased with his experience. He even started his review with "Such an awesome ballpark" and continued to rave about his seats, the food, the beer, "the legendary ambiance" and the Green Monster.

So what could have possibly caused this poor review? Expensive beer? A soggy Fenway Frank? Nope. Michael F. from Houston, Texas is actually a Yankees fan. Yup, that's it. As a New York Yankee fan, he refused to give Fenway more than a one-star review.

The rivalry will never die.

Check out the entire review below.


Did this guy take it too far or is all fair in love and baseball?

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