Update: According to the City of Pittsfield, Onota Lake is "good to go" for recreational use on Wednesday.

If you are looking to cool off in Onota Lake on Tuesday, you will not be able to do so.

According a report from the Berkshire Eagle, the Pittsfield lake will be closed Tuesday -- and possibly Wednesday -- as the city's natural resource program looks to combat an issue with the European naiad plant.

Jim McGrath, the natural resource program manager, says that treatment biologists will be surveying the lake to determine the severity of the issue. There is also concern about potential chemical use to stave off the European naiad since it could end up killing native species.

If the biologists confirm that balanced chemical use is needed, the lake would be closed on Wednesday as well because they will be applied on Tuesday afternoon. Live on the Lake, featuring Blind Smudge, will take place on Wednesday evening. If anything effects lake use during the event, we will let you know about it.

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