Am I the only one who DOESN'T want Oprah to be president? People SERIOUSLY are behind this movement, and certain new outlets have reported there's actually some validity behind this rumor. Ok, I get it. Her speech at the 75th Golden Globe Awards over the weekend was captivating and moving, that cannot be denied. Women everywhere, from all walks of life, LOVE, I would even say worship this women. She clearly has an incredible business sense, which turned her career as a talk show host into a brand, making her one of the most powerful women in the country. There's no argument that she has impacted and changed peoples lives, all over the world. But should she run the country? I'm going to have to say no.

Are we that disenchanted with the current administration that we just want anyone but Trump? I have to believe that's the case when it comes to people's desire to have a celebrity run for office. Oprah is a bad ass lady, we can all agree. But just because you're a bad ass, doesn't qualify you to be the leader of the free world. Oprah's passion, intelligence, ideals and charisma are what people want to see in the oval office, but there are people who have political backgrounds who posses those same attributes (cough, cough, OBAMA)  and they actually have experience! Oprah has been wildly successful in many endeavors, but does that mean she should be decided on foreign policy, military assignments, or even tax cuts? I don't believe so. Let's set our sights on finding someone with a political background to do the job.

I truly believe it comes down to the fact that the county is desperate to have their President, the man who represents us as individuals, and the country as a collective, speak to them with the eloquence and truth in which Oprah addressed viewers Sunday night. Even in the wake of numerous tragedies that we saw in his first full year in office, we have yet to see Trump address the nation with even the fraction of decorum that captivated the viewing audience, and now vitally the nation.

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