Beginning Friday, Nov. 22, Pecks Road Bridge will be restricted to one lane and specific capacity reductions, per a mandate issued by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) to address structural issues for the city owned bridge.

Pecks Road Bridge, which was included in a MassDOT bridge rating report published earlier this year, was highlighted for its weakened supporting beam structures. The state’s mandate requires the city to implement temporary safeguards, as well as permanent remediation.

Currently, work around a new bridge design is underway and the construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2020, said City Engineer/Interim Commissioner Ricardo Morales.

Starting on Nov. 22, the bridge’s southbound lane will be closed to vehicular traffic, allowing for a 10-foot wide lane on the east side of the bridge. MassDOT signage will post the weight limit which is as follows: 10 tons for 2-axel single unit trucks; 15 tons for 3-axel single unit trucks; and 23 tons for semi-trailer trucks.

Temporary signals will be installed to control traffic flow from either direction of the bridge. Left-hand turning traffic from Onota Street onto Pecks Road will be prohibited. Drivers are advised to follow detour routes. For more information, please contact the city’s Engineering Department at 413-499-9327.

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