There were a lot of emotions that were displayed on Sunday when it comes to the NFL's conference championship games this past Sunday. For Patriots and Jaguars fans, there was a lot more theater involved, as opposed to the NFC Championship game where the Philadelphia Eagles routed the Minnesota Vikings.

There wasn't much negative going on in the "Eagles' Nest" on Sunday; unless you talk to one Philly fan who has gone viral due to his passionate love for the franchise.

Jigar Desai, a 42-year-old lifelong fan, and current season ticket holder, was trying to get the city fired up for the NFC title matchup in a subway tunnel. Unfortunately for Desai, his passion got the best of him. As the train he was attempting to fire up was on its way to the next destination, Desai wasn't ready to let his enthusiasm wither in any way, chasing the train car down the track -- until he met his match in a subway pole.

Check out the view from the passengers on the train, taken by YouTube user 494ta:

While that looked pretty brutal, it looked even more so in the video outside of the train.

Desai got up and would enjoy the NFC title victory. He told NBC Philadelphia that the viral video "reflects the passion of the entire city," as the Eagles hope to win their first Super Bowl title against the Patriots, who are looking for their sixth.

Will this video be a sign of things to come? Passion is great, but sometimes, and the Jaguars fans can attest to that, it may not be enough to get the job done. The Patriots opened as the biggest Super Bowl favorite since 2009.

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