Massachusetts has some interesting legends, haunting historical stories, and unique (and in some cases) unsettling attractions. In the past, we have examined the Creature of Coca-Cola Ledge, the haunting history of the Hoosac Tunnel, and the unfortunate incidents and haunting occurrences of Houghton Mansion all of which are located in North Adams (the Hoosac Tunnel's East Portal is located in Florida, MA, and the West Portal is located in North Adams). You can read more about these northern Berkshire County legends, attractions, and historical landmarks by going here 

What About "Clown Fever" in Boston?  

In addition, we have also explored "Clown Fever" which was a result of clowns allegedly abducting children in Boston and the greater Boston area back in 1981. It seemed like everyone in that area during that time was reporting unsettling clown incidents to authorities hence "Clown Fever." You can read more about the Clown Fever stories by going here.

Have You Heard About the Rocking Horse Graveyard in Lynn? 

We have also explored the abandoned Rocking Horse Graveyard which is located in the City of Lynn. This graveyard though seems harmless, does have a bit of a creepy vibe to it. There are literally tons of abandoned rocking horses just hanging out in this one location. How on Earth did they get there? You can check out the photos of the graveyard, view a video, and more by going here.

There's a Massachusetts Pet Cemetery That Has Some Interesting History Behind It Regarding Humans

Speaking of graveyards, did you know that there is a Pet Cemetery in Dedham, Massachusetts? Pine Ridge Cemetery is the cemetery where Lizzie Bordon's three dogs are buried (video tour below) The interesting thing about this cemetery is there are some human remains buried there as well. In his book, Weird Massachusetts, author Jeff Belanger featured Pine Ridge Cemetery. Jeff wrote about how the caretaker of the cemetery Mike Thomas said that some people have had their ashes scattered near their pet's grave. In addition, Mike shared one unique human story. Here it is:

There is a secluded spot in [the cemetery] where a grave is almost hidden by cedar trees and is marked only by a simple rustic wooden cross. [The woman buried here] wished for no funeral exercises. Life had evidently been very bitter to her, and in her old age she was alone with no companion but a dog that had grown old with her, the only creature that loved her - the only thing on earth she loved...

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Belanger wrote that Pine Ridge averages 250 to 350 burials per year, some for the pets of the wealthy, some for the companions of ordinary folk. However, on the Animal Rescue League of Boston's website which contains details including hours, rules, and regulations when visiting Pine Ridge Cemetery, it's noted that the cemetery is no longer offering the sale of new pet burial plots and in-house private cremation services due to operational limitations but the cemetery will accommodate clients seeking private pet cremations through contracted services with Final Gift. The site also notes that for those seeking pet burial services, the cemetery can refer those folks to other reputable local organizations.

Check out an in-depth video (courtesy of Dime Store Adventures) that includes stories and gives a tour of the cemetery below.

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