Sooo back in the day (yes, I hate to tell you, but 2001 is back in the day) Pink and Christina's beef stemmed from their collaboration on the cover of Lady Marmalade in which they teamed with other female heavy hitters Mya and Lil' Kim. The question was who would be the top billed singer on the track? Both are powers houses with some serious vocal chops, but 16 years ago apparently their egos were to fragile to handle sharing the top spot. Pink even revealed on Watch What Happens Live that the drama came to boiling point when Christina apparently threw a punch at her in a night club (my money is on Pink all day, but I guess that besides the point)

Fast forward to 2017, Pink is back with a new album, and a whole new outlook on their past beef. In the same interview where she revealed they almost got in a physical altercation, she also basically said, Hey, we were young, were both alphas, I'm over it, we're both over it. But did anyone believe them?

WELLLLLL.... Now there is actually proof! Pink has revealed to The Sun that she and Christina recorded a secret duet and it will released on Christina's album, although she's not sure when it will be released. I can't be the only one who's excited about this?!?!

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