The Pittsfield Airport, located in the southwest area of the city, is set to close for upgrades in just a few days. reports that according to Airport Commission Chairman Tom Sakshaug, the airport will be completely shut down on April 30 for 85 days. The main runway will be paved first, followed by reconstruction of the smaller runway, which will be shut down for an additional 55 days.

The City Council's Finance Subcommittee voted affirmatively on the borrowing to repave both of the airport's runways. The project total comes in at $6.9 million, which is 95 percent paid for by the Federal Aviation Administration. The city's cost will be responsible for the remaining $349,735.

In addition to the runway renovations, the airport will host two solar arrays, set to be leased to Oak Leaf Energy Partners.  The committee agreed to a 30-year lease, 20 in the initial term and followed by two five-year extensions. The agreement would bring between of $3.1 million and $6.8 million to the airport in lease payments, plus $6.5 million to the city for tax payments. A consultant for the company said the agreement is in place, but the actual total will be dependent on when the state approves the tax incentives.



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